PinkCoco really cares...

That’s why we have a permanent commitment to our staff, our guests, and our environment.

We really care about our environment, that’s why…

  • We reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • We minimize all plastic usage
  • We don’t serve beef to reduce methane in the atmosphere
  • We buy organic to reduce the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers
  • We buy local to reduce transport
  • We don’t drain waste into the sea
  • We help our local community
  • We enjoy cleaning our environment
  • We don’t use palm oil due to its harmful effects on our health and the environment

We really care about our staff, that’s why…

  • All of our staff are hired legally
  • All of our staff receive salaries and benefits above the average in the region
  • All of our staff are insured and have pension plans in place
  • All of our staff enjoy days off, annual holidays, and public holidays
  • All of our staff are provided with healthy meals
  • All of our staff are given training to improve their skills
  • All of our staff are treated with respect and care

We really care about you, that’s why…

  • We make sure your room and equipment are properly maintained at all times
  • We conduct laboratory tests on our water and ice regularly
  • We don’t cook with palm oil and MSG
  • We have weekly pest control
  • We are here to listen to your concerns and help in anyway we can
  • Our toilet amenities are paraben-free
  • Our hotel has a Reverse Osmosis Plant to ensure a steady supply of fresh water
  • Our hotel has a full back-up generator in the case of power failure
  • We always contract the best internet provider available
  • Guests have direct communication with the managers and owner